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  TOP DOG HERBALS™ formulas are in capsules, and easy to administer, in lieu of tablets. They are packaged in the same FDA approved packaging as the capsule packages you normally use.

Top Dog Herbals

You use a tiny amount to start, by adding a pinch to food, or a treat.  

Then follow with the typical amount for your pet's size: 
If your pet does well by capsules, try one to start. 
(It will be approx 3-5 capsules for a large dog (over 100 lbs).
Small/Petite: 1/8 teaspoon; Medium 1/2 teaspoon; Large 1 teaspoon. 
 While herbs are considered a food, they are not to be taken in excess.   
Meaning: More is not better! These are all-natural plant medicinals; 
designed to stimulate the body to achieve wellness. 

(Too much of any product lacks benefits, and acts differently.)

There is a small variety of herbal formulas currently available.  Additional formulas may be available on request, and added to the online store.

We adopted Patti, a Parson Jack Russell, a few years ago. She was a pure bred originating from Wales.  She was used as a breeder, and not socialized. It took about a year to learn each other and grow together as a family.  She came to us as a gift from the breeder for my working with her dogs.  Unfortunately, Patti came to us very ill. She had heart, thyroid, and parasite problems.  

After a few visits to the vet, she was on her way to being well again.  Fortunately, she was only 4 years old when we got her, and after the vet visits I started her on the canine versions of Thyroidmax  and  Cardioguard. She also took a diuretic in her later years. Fortunately for her, that we adopted her, as the owner wanted to “Put her down” because she only produced one pup in her last litter at 4 years old!  Patti lived another 10 years with us, taking The Natural Sage formulas. 

And, if it wasn’t for Patti I wouldn’t have Top Dog Herbals!


Look for Top Dog Herbals™ in our web site, and begin to take charge of your furry friends’ health in the best way possible!


Top Dog The Natural Sage™ Exclusive Proprietary Herbal Formulas



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Navigating your health is a learning environment, and The Natural Sage™ offers plenty of products for both your learning and wellness.
Familiarize yourself with my exclusive herbals offered to support and protect your health.
We’ve set up categories according to the natural body systems. You may want to target a current health issue, find it in the body system and explore what formulas I’ve created that you feel will work for you.


The Natural Sage™ is specific about formulas. I target issues using the best ingredients that don’t force the body to change. You will note I only use ingredients that are “GRAS”, a term in the industry meaning: “Generally Regarded as Safe”.
I refuse to use “Fad” or unsafe ingredients to push the body. I prefer herbal formulas that the body recognizes as functional and nourishment.
This is important for the body to heal itself and change naturally, to a well place.


I’ve added a separate page: “SAGE PAGE that demonstrates the herbal formulas’ abilities to synergize with one another. You’ll discover there are no contraindications by taking them together; rather, by incorporating some formulas, wellness is faster.

In the future, there will be a page for most combinations. Feel free to write comments to me about your experiences and successful methods with my formulas.  I’d be happy to post your input.

I look forward to contributing to your good, natural health.

  In the event you have questions about my formulas, give me a call, I’m happy to help.



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Our products and services are not intended to diagnose, 
treat, cure,  or prevent any disease.”


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